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1953 “LUHE-WERK” was founded. In the early beginning already engaged with products especially manufactured for the shipbuilding industry.

1991 A co-operation contract was signed with “CLARFELD”, a company specialized on technical insulation, about the production of silencers of all kinds.

1997 Consequentially also the development-, engineering and design departments including of all their know-how and patent rights was bought and thus the whole line of business taken over.

2003 In the context of a comprehending restructuring of “LUHE-WERK” in February the department Technical Noise Control including all of its activities, know-how and patent rights was outsourced. LUHE-STAHL Technical Noise Control was founded for this intended purpose. Autarkic, LUHE-STAHL all the more goal oriented could focus on the Silencer business. New international regulations as well as increasingly environmental awareness in the shipbuilding industry, the power plant industry and many other branches lead to a constantly increasing demand on technologies for noise immission control.

Today the combined knowledge and the great experience in this field give L-S Technical Noise Control a leading position in the market.