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Launch of Research Project

Acoustic efficiency of silencers in the overall system

Research project, simulation and optimization tools
Joint project LUHE-SILENCER, Acoustical Society Research Dresden mbH (AFD), Fraunhofer IWU

Associated partners: MEYER WERFT, Flensburger Shipyard FSG, MAN Diesel & Turbo, DNV GL
Luhe-Silencer, AFD and IWU research to improve the simulation and optimization of silencers. The objective is an early integration of the tools developed in the design and planning process of vessels and minimizing the development risk in the acoustic effectiveness. “We want to develop a simulation and optimization tool that analyses at an early planning stage, the acoustic performance of silencers in the overall system and improves the design process.” Explains D. Levermann, managing director of Luhe-Stahl, the objective.
“To reach a significant improvement in predictive accuracy, material, and weight savings as well as counter-pressure decreases and thus less fuel consumption. The holistic approach and merging of models provides the conditions to create predictable, innovative solutions.”

Luhe-Silencer will bring particular contributions to the requirements in practice and ensures the model, test and prototyping as well as their interpretation. With the associated partners a testing and validation is conducted.
An associative project funded within the program -Maritime technologies of the next Generation- of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).