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Marine and Offshore

The marine industry is a very diverse market, as it encompasses all types of crafts from large tankers, cruise liner and Navy vessels to yachts and small powerboats. The common thread within this market is that each vessel has a means of propulsion, more than likely, structured around a diesel engine, gas or steam turbine (boiler).

Luhe-Silencer engineers and manufactures marine air inlet silencer solutions as well as high degree marine exhaust silencing systems including also special constructions for Gas- and Dual Fuel engines.

Power Generation

It is important to have the necessary power generation experience to determine what combination of absorptive and reactive treatment will most economically produce the required acoustic performance. An exhaust system solution must provide materials and designs that enable highly effective low-frequency noise attenuation and tolerate thermal growth, thus giving long, trouble-free performance. Inlet noise, by contrast, has predominantly high frequency content where an absorptive silencer is required to. The full system approach acoustic and aerodynamic is crucial to optimizing the performance and minimizing unnecessary costs. Luhe-Silencer uses its proven design, engineering, manufacturing and management experience to provide a seamless package which offers the highest efficiency and the most effective noise control.

Complete Lines of Silencers for Internal combustion engines

• Selection from comprehensive standard programme
• Special applications for logical integration in complete units, special layout for required noise levels

LUHE Silencers are high quality, fully welded, silencers designed to reduce exhaust noise on all types of internal combustion engines. Each engine and each operating location require a unique combination of silencer properties. For this reason many different silencer models are catalogued to cover most silencing problems. In cases where standard silencers will not meet a particular need, special silencers will be designed on application.