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Spark Arrestors

Single or integrated Spark Arrestors for fire and explosion risk areas, tested and approved by PTB (Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt), accepted by all major classification societies.

•   Spark Arrestor for internal combustion engines

•   Spark Arrestor and Soot Traps for boiler

•   Fire Damper

Operating locations exist where fire hazards and safety codes require removal of sparks from exhaust gases. LUHE spark arrestor silencers are engineered to perform the dual function of spark arrestment and silencing for all internal combustion engines.

Spark Arresting Silencers are heavy duty, fully welded units constructed of carbon steel sheet and plate. Each silencer is equipped with flanged connections drilled to match DIN 86044 specifications. Exterior surfaces receive a coat for transport protection.

Large capacity spark traps are provided on each unit which can be easily opened for periodic cleaning. Side inlet configurations will be designed on application.

The Spark Arrestor has been tested and approved for use on premises subject to explosion risk through materials of explosion class 1 and ignition ratings G1 to G3. Installation in Tankers of any danger group is allowed by all major classification societies.

The Spark Arrestors may be mounted from vertically to horizontally. If possible they should be installed toward the end of the exhaust line; the exact position can be adapted to the space available. Care however must be taken, that the cleaning port is accessible.

Please take into account that the Spark Arrestor may expand due to heat. The transfer of engine vibration and impact sound should be avoided by using suitable flexible pipe

To avoid temperatures below the dew point and against excessive heat emission the silencer should be sufficiently insulated.